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About IAI /ICOI Europe

(International Academy of Implantology)
The International Academy of Implantology offers customized educational programs designed for international dental groups to provide a greater knowledge and understanding of implant dentistry.
Program topics and content have been determined from lecturers’ knowledge and the clinical know-how of their daily practice activities as well as long-standing team experience.
The program is aimed to optimize the participant’s practical procedures in order for them to benefit the full potential of implant dentistry in their daily practice.
IAI supports ICOI Europe in their European activities.

Curriculum Implantology

The Implantology Curriculum of ICOI Europe/Germany consists of eight 2-day modules. Various implantation and support systems relevant to your practice are presented and applied. You will learn what is important in selecting suitable systems for your own practice and your specific requirements. All modules are practice relevant, contain hands-on exercises and /or live surgeries, and are completed with exams to ensure that learning objectives were met.
Enabling you to quickly implement knowledge in your practice for your patients is the primary goal of all events by ICOI worldwide.

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ICOI Europe/ICOI Deutschland Membership

The ICOI is the world´s greatest Implantology Society and provides more continuing education opportunities than any other implant organization. ICOI members have access to accelerated assistance for building implant dentistry into their practices.

Membership application ICOI Europe 

Der ICOI bietet mehr Fortbildungsmöglichkeiten im Bereich Implantologie als jede andere implantologische

Organisation. Unsere Mitglieder erhalten schnelle Unterstützung bei der Einführung der Spezialisierung
„Implantologie“ in ihren Praxen.


Mitgliedsantrag ICOI Europe

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Advanced Courses

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DentalMaster – Animation

The Best Interactive Software and 3D Animation for Patient Education. It can truly show the patient their own clinical situation and solution. The 3D expert is unique and makes a big difference for case acceptance. Over 60 free Animations available with your ICOI Europe membership/ full ICOI membership.


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Instructors have exclusively experienced practitioners, renowned lecturers worldwide, and proven experts in their field. In addition to their technical qualifications, they were chosen based on their didactic capabilities, their joy of teaching, and their enthusiasm.

The ICOI provides more continuing implant education opportunities than any other implant organization, our members have access to accelerated assistance for building implant dentistry into their practices.

Years of Dental Implant Education!
Meetings Worldwide
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About the ICOI

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