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  • 1.ICOI Europe Curriculum Implantology
  • Who is my contact person?
    Jan Palti03-12-2017

    Svatava Semmler


    Fon: +49 (0) 700 4264 3876

    Fax: +49 (0) 700 2017 0000

    Can be reached best by telephohe on:

    Monday from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m.

    Thuesday till Thuersday from 8 till 12 a.m.

  • What does the curriculum cost?
    Jan Palti03-12-2017

    The curriculum costs 5.950,00 Euro incl. VAT and incl. membership ICOI Europe for one year for new ICOI members.

  • Is the curriculum suitable for implant beginners?
    Jan Palti03-12-2017

    Yes. The curriculum was conceived for all dentists who want to start with dental implantation. Certainly, we offer advanced courses as well.


  • May I pay for the curriculum by installments?
    Jan Palti03-12-2017

    Yes, you can pay the fees in two separate installments:


    1. Installment 2.950,00 € Payable 4 weeks prior to start of course
    2. Installment 3.000,00 € Payable 2 weeks prior to start of Module 5



  • Is the curriculum suitable for implant beginners?
    Jan Palti11-12-2017

    Yes. The curriculum was concepted for all dentists who wants to start with dental implantation. Certainly we offer advanced courses as well.

  • How many Continuing Education Units (CEU) will I receive?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017

    The curriculum complies with the guidelines for the dental training of the BZÄK and is evaluated with 145 continuing education units according to the evaluation table of the BZÄK / DGZMK.

  • What are the advantages of the curriculum?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017
    • Free membership for new members in ICOI Europe for the first year
    • Chance to win the CBCT voucher with an additional course weekend
    • Voucher for 1 Dentsply Sirona - CBCT – image
    • Voucher for an implant planning
    • Voucher for an implant guide
    • Voucher for an implantology starter kit
    • 60 free animations per year for a period of three years included in the ICOI Europe membership
    • Free access to the for one year
    • Free subscription to DZW journal – “Oral Implantology“ for one year
  • What to do, if you are unable to participate in one of the modules?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017

    Please, report this to the ICOI office to in advance.

    We will offer you an alternative date and we will excuse you by the speaker of this module.

  • Do I have to do a Hospitation or Supervison?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017

    Supervision is an integral part of the Curriculum. You have to go throught it. It is not necessary to do a hospitation.

  • Are the costs for supervision and hospitation included in the curriculum fees?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017

    No, the costs for supervision are not included. You have to get even directly with supervisor. The costs for one supervision hour are about 250,00 Euros.

  • When will I receive the course information and lecture notes?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017

    You will receive an e-mail with all important information and the lecture notes for the first module about twoo weeks before the first module is starting.

  • How do I find a supervisor?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017

    You can find a certified and qualified implantologist on following link:

  • What does Confirmation of Attendance mean?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017

    The Confirmation of Attendance is a listing of completed modules. The primary funktion of this Confirmation of Attendance is to attest your participation on each module oft he curriculum and on supervision. You are fully responsible for collecting the course leaders signature.

  • What kind of implant and supporting systems will be introduced in Curriculum Implantology?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017

    Implants, instruments and equipments of following companies will be introduced:

    • Dentsply Sirona GmbH
    • Aurosan GmbH
    • Dentegres GmbH
    • Hu-Friedy´s sergical instruments
    • Piezo sergical equipment
    • Magnetic Mallet Instruments
    • Different Augmentation Materialias
    • A-PRF and I-PRF (The Choukroun Method)
    • Park Dental Research Implantsystems
    • Miniimplants will be introduced
    • One stage and two stage implant Concept
    • Immediate loading on implants
    • Plate form implants

    The list of implant systems can be changed or extended.

  • Do I have to pass any final examination?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017

    Yes, there is a final examination at the end of module 8. Furthermore, you have to pass a short test at the end of each module.

  • When will I receive my certificate?
    DentalMaster Web Service11-12-2017

    You will receive the Graduation certificate of „ICOI Europe Implantology“ and the „Certificate of Achievement of New York University“ at the end of the module 8, provided that you participated in all eight modules and completed the supervision bevor deadline. Don´t worry, you will be asked to send the completed Confirmation of Attendance to the ICOI Europe office in time.